Faculty Advisors

The CSUSB faculty members listed below are recommended to chair graduate students' committees in the MSEES program. If you wish to work with some other professor, please contact the Graduate Coordinator.  Two additional committee members are required, sometimes referred to as Readers. If needed, one of these may be a non-faculty member at CSUSB, but must have at least a Master's degree and is professionally accomplished in the student's research area, and is present on the committee to offer expert guidance towards completion of the thesis or project. In general the advisors should be chosen to best help the student complete his or her thesis, project, and other degree requirements.

Dr. Andreas Beyersdorf (PSM)

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Email: Andreas.Beyersdorf@csusb.edu; Telephone: 909-537-5325; Office: CS-310

Current Research Projects:

- Airborne measurements of air quality and smoke

- Atmospheric aerosol composition and health effects in San Bernardino

Dr. Kerry Cato (PSM and Geology)

Department of Geological Sciencs

Email: Kerry.Cato@csusb.edu; Telephone: 909-5375409;   Office: BI-113C

Current Research Projects:

-Assessment of debris flow processes and hazard evaluation in Southern California

- Evaluaiton of risk evaluaiton methodologies for dam performance

- Geologic site investigation methods in the built environment

Dr. Joan Fryxell (PSM and Geology)

Department of Geological Sciences

Email: jfryxell@csusb.edu; Telephone: 909-537-5311; Office: CS-110

Current Research Projects:

 - Structral evolution of the Grant and Horse Ranges, east-central Nevada

 - Tectonic enigma of the island of Providencia, western Caribbean

Current Students:

- Dylan Terry: thesis topic: geochemical characteristics of the Inyo Volcanic Chain, California

- Rachelle Ponce: thesis topic: physical and chemical characteristics of volcanic hot springs on the island of Dominica, Lesser Antilles

Dr. Codi Lazar (PSM and Geology)
Department of Geological Sciences
Email: clazar@csusb.edu; Telephone: 909-537-5586; Office: CS-106
Current Research Projects:
- Experimental simulations of hydrothermal organic synthesis in terrestrial and planetary settings
- Petrological and geochemical mapping of the Josephine Peridotite, Oregon
- Ni and Fe isotope fractionation in alloy-bearing serpentinites

Dr. Sally McGill (Geology)

Department of Geological Sciences

Email: smcgill@csusb.edu; Telephone: 909-537-5347; Office: BI-110C

Current Research Projects:

- GPS monitoring of the San Andreas, San Jacinto, and Garlock faults
- Slip-rate and paleoseismic studies of the San Andreas, San Jacinto, and Garlock faults

Current Students:

- James Burns:  TBA

- Bryan Castillo: Paleoseismicity on the Garlock Fault

Dr. Erik Melchiorre (PSM and Geology)

Department of Geological Sciences

Email: emelch@csusb.edu; Telephone: 909-537-7754; Office: BI-110B

Current Research Projects:
- Geochemistry of placer gold. The use of geochemical fingerprinting, morphology, and inclusion mineralogy to explore the origins and transportation of placer gold.
- Use of new hand-held XRF technology for geochemical field studies. Lab and field work, including calibration of instruments to determine suitability for different natural and artificial materials.
- Origins and distribution of arsenic, Calico Mining District, CA. Mapping of arsenic concentrations in rock, soil, and groundwater.

Current Student:
- Cody Hanford: Environmental impact of mining activity at Panamint City, Death Valley, CA.

Dr. James Noblet (PSM)

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Email: jnoblet@csusb.edu; Telephone: 909-537-5194; Office: CS-312

Current Research Projects:

Current Students:

- Clement Do: Filter evaluation for remediation of arsenic in groundwater

- Jo-Russell Reyes: Water quality in the Lytle Creek watershed

Dr. Brett Stanley (PSM)

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Email: bstanley@csusb.edu; Telephone: 909-537-7218; Office: CS-204B

Current Research Projects:

- Cyanide production in treated wastewater

- Lowering the detection limit of amino acids in treated wastewater by GCMS

Current Students:

- Andrea Quiroz: Degradation and performance of Nafion membranes in hydrogen fuel cells

- Laura Saucedo: Comparison of elemental carbon and black carbon analyses from air samples

Dr. Stuart Sumida (Geology)

Department of Biology

Email: ssumida@csusb.edu; Telephone: 909-537-7338; Office: BI-314

Current Research Projects:

- The origin, evolution, and function of Late Pennsylvanian (Carboniferous) and Early Permian tetrapods - the earliest vertebrates to get out onto the land and stay on the land

- Paleoecology of late Paleozoic vertebrates

Current Students:

- Kathleen Devlin (Biology): Structure, funciton, and computer modeling of primitive reptiles

- Jason Jung (Biology): Structure and phylogenetic relationships of primitive reptiles