Program Description

The MSEES program has two degree options: The Professional Science Master's (PSM) option and the Geology option.

The PSM option is a multidisciplinary program. In addition to courses in chemistry and geology, there are required courses in public administration, health sciences, geography, and either economics or information science. Electives are available in these departments as well as biology and management. Students are admitted from numerous backgrounds, but generally with bachelor's degrees in some scientific field such as chemistry, biology, or environmental science. The PSM degree is meant to combine non-science "professional" courses with science courses and is considered a terminal, non-thesis degree. In lieu of a thesis, a combination of an internship and a project is required for graduation.

The Geology option is a more traditional thesis program catered to students planning a career in geology. Required courses are centered in geology with a few in chemistry. A thesis project with a geology faculty member is required for graduation. These projects are geologically-based.