Recommended Timeline

First year tasks

  • Identify a faculty member who agrees to serve as Chair of your committee, and two other faculty members who agree to serve as committee members.
  • For PSM Option students: identify internship possibilities, and discuss with the agency or company the specific terms of the work involved.
  • Discuss with your Committee Chair potential work to undertake for your Project or Thesis, and develop a written Proposal describing the work.
  • Maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA for all courses taken to satisfy the requirements for the degree.
  • Be aware that full-time status consists of 8 units of 500- or 600- level courses.  Please see the details in the University Bulletin (
  • Satisfy the Writing Requirement for Graduate Candidacy.  This can be done by: a GRE Analytical Writing score of 4.0 or better, a score of 4.0 or better on a required paper in CHEM 610, or an acceptable thesis/project proposal.


Timeline for producing a thesis/project for MSEES


The quarter before the one in which you plan to graduate – first draft of thesis/project to your Committee Chair, as early in the quarter as you can manage.  Allow two weeks for him or her to read your draft and provide feedback.  Make the changes as quickly as you thoughtfully can, and give the revised draft back for review.  Repeat this process as many times as needed to get a strong, well-written, clear draft produced.  Remember that your Committee Chair’s primary responsibility is to help you present the science of your work.  You are expected to be able to produce clear, correct, well-organized writing on your own.  Any questions you have on these issues, please discuss with your Committee Chair prior to submitting your draft.  The Graduate Writing Center is also a valuable resource, so please make use of it as needed.  It is located in COE 311, please go to for instructions on making an appointment and other information.


The first week (preferably as early as possible) of the quarter in which you plan to graduate – Once you and your Committee Chair are in agreement about your draft being in good shape, your Committee Chair sends the draft to the other members of your committee.  Please communicate with your committee members at least two weeks in advance to expect to get your draft.  They will then have two weeks to review your draft and provide you with feedback.  As before, make the changes as quickly as you thoughtfully can, and give the revised draft back for further review.  Repeat this process as needed to result in a finished product that all committee members are satisfied with, and are willing to sign the Committee Certification Form that needs to accompany your thesis/project when submitted to Graduate Studies.


First 6 weeks of the quarter in which you plan to graduate – Consultations with Graduate Studies – make up to two appointments with a thesis reviewer about formatting and citations.


By the end of the 7th week of the quarter in which you plan to graduate – Committee Certification Form – hard copy must be submitted with original signatures, and thesis/project is submitted to Graduate Studies for format review.  Content cannot be changed once submitted.


By the end of 10th week of the quarter in which you plan to graduate – publication deadline.  All format corrections must be made by this deadline.